General / 29 November 2020


General / 02 November 2020

Found the blob version(rendered) floating around on my hard drive from earlier, did a quick sketch on top of the head as a start of the morning.

Halo Armor Exploration

General / 20 July 2020

Some super early rough shape block in's for a spartan suit. Really excited for the Halo Infinite reveal!

Young Monkey Sketch

General / 07 July 2020

Had this up on facebook, figured I'd throw it up on here too.

Another zbrush surface test.

General / 29 June 2020

Rendered base in keyshot, tweaked and adjusted in photoshop. Base mesh built with Crease+ in Maya, and then tweaked to build a more interesting shape. Wasn't planning on making a gun, just trying to build something that had some interesting parts to it.

Exploring some quick detailing options and tricks using the surface tool in zbrush

General / 29 June 2020

Inconsistent tiling due to not getting a 100% tiling texture for the quick test :P Blob brush used to get the weld look on the metal.

Evening Grunt Sketch

General / 08 June 2020

Chin got all messed up with the auto rigger, makes him look like he's got a big blubbery gullet :P

Various explorations

General / 19 May 2020
Rather than letting all these just get lost in the void that is my hard drive, figured I'd throw them up in the blog section here on artstation, maybe some of you find them interesting. 




General / 16 January 2020


General / 15 January 2020